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Steigern Sie Ihre Produktionskunst mit: Melodic Techno Vol.2 für Diva Preset Pack. Dieses Pack ist Ihr wesentliches Toolkit für Klangnovationen, um Ihre Kreativität zu entzünden und Ihre Produktionen in den Bereich des melodischen Techno zu treiben.

Was ist in diesem Paket enthalten?

  • 50 sorgfältig gefertigte Voreinstellungen von höchster Qualität, bestehend aus:
    • 5 faszinierende ARP -Klänge
    • 7 charakteristische Reese Bass -Klänge
    • 5 tiefe Bass -Klänge
    • 9 faszinierende Leitklänge
    • 5 ätherische Pad -Klänge
    • 10 lebendige Mutesgeräusche
    • 5 bezaubernde Akkordgeräusche
    • 4 Atmosphärische Schlüsselklänge

Elevate your production prowess  with the ultimate sound arsenal of MELODIC TECHNO VOL.2 for Diva 🎧

Unleash Your Creativity with the Diva Melodic Techno Preset Pack

Are you ready to take your productions to the next level? Introducing: Melodic Techno Vol.2 Preset Pack. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pack is designed to ignite your creativity and propel your productions into the captivating realm of Melodic Techno.

What's Inside?

Prepare to be amazed by the wealth of sonic treasures included in this pack:

50 Meticulously Crafted Presets: Each preset is of the highest quality, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of Melodic Techno production. From mesmerizing ARP sounds to distinctive reese bass sounds, captivating lead sounds to ethereal PAD sounds, our presets offer a diverse range of textures and tones to enhance your music.

A Versatile Selection: Dive deep into sonic exploration with a versatile selection of presets, including enchanting chord sounds, atmospheric KEY sounds, and vibrant pluck sounds. Whether you're crafting emotive melodies or driving rhythms, our pack provides the essential toolkit for sonic innovation.

Start Your Journey

Are you ready to unlock the potential of your music? Start your journey into the realm of Melodic Techno with the Diva Melodic Techno Vol.2 Preset Pack for Diva today. Let your creativity soar, and watch as your productions reach new heights of sonic excellence. The future of your sound starts now.

Who is using our presets?



David GuETTA




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